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Mrs.  Sherry  Elliott
Art Teacher
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  • Graduated from Pfeiffer University, B.A. 1992   
  • Attended  UNCG 1995
  • Completed Teacher Education Certification, Greensboro College, May 2017.


This will be my third year at John Lawrence Elementary School and I am just as excited to be here this year as I was about my first year!  I work half time as the Art Teacher but this school, the teachers, and especially the students have my whole heart!  each day I see the students with that sparkle of learning in their eyes and they inspire me with their creativity.  i have never enjoyed a school as much as I have being at JLE!


I live in Greensboro with my husband, daughter four cats and two Rat Terriers.  One cat is a black and white "tuxedo cat", named Guen and the other is gray and white named Chloe.  The Rat terrier is Samira and she loves to make nests under the blankets on the couch.  We adopted three fur babies in the past four months. They add to our lives' in a way no other could add. The new Rat Terrier is a little "drama queen" because if she is not snuggled up beside me she is unhappy and whines. The two new cats are boys and my husband loves to watch them play because they actually fetch and bring back whatever toy mouse he tosses to them.

I have lived in Greensboro for nearly twenty years. Before living in Greensboro I lived in a small town in Stanley County and attended Pfeiffer University, in Misenheimer.  It was a beautiful area and I had horses, sheep, cats, dogs and deer in my front yard every sunrise and sunset.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and doing their favorite activities. My daughter and I "shop till we drop" and watch "chic movies".  My husband loves to fish and I enjoy going although I usually end up only catching a "kitten-fish" instead of a Catfish.

I love to eat Italian food, fettucine  is my favorite. I also love to try new foods and love BBQ! There isn't hardly a food I haven't tried honestly.

What makes me happiest of course is Art!  I learned to draw at an early age and my mom encouraged me by drawing squiggles on apiece of paper, I colored it in using bright and contrasting colors.  We joke sometimes when she sees my art work and says I still draw squiggly lined pictures, because I love abstract art.  I love to paint, draw, sew, make collages and design jewelry.  

What makes me the happiest is encouraging students and helping them feel confident in all their creative endeavors.  I feel I have accomplished my purpose in life if I can help students to feel they are special and an unique individual.